Thursday, September 10, 2009


I started high school. I feel as if part of my heart has been torn out and ripped to shreds.

I really dislike my algebra 2 teacher because she makes the freaking tests really long and I didnt finish the first quiz (F) and I didnt finish the test either (D-). But hey, improvement.

I am excited for tonight...

...because I start gymnastics again. I took a month off because i was on vacation for 10 days (we went out west and it was incredible) and school was starting. I havent worn a leo, or done anything gymnastics related (except backyard tumbling and stretching) since the end of July. Im going to chuck a back tuck tonight. Run, tumble, flip, stick!

Over the summer i had rather large amounts of free time and i wrote some music.

It has a piano and vocals. If i could actuall play the guitar it would have that too.

No Escape

You walk, walk through the hallways,
Searching for his face.
But this isnt the time or place,
For what he wants,
He'll play his games.

You go round like theres nothing wrong,
When really things inside of you,
Are crashing down to,
To the ground.

If you say he completes you,
Why do you have these doubts?
If you dont leave him soon,
there will be no way out.

No light, no light in the darkness.
Can anyone hear your cry?
They say 'dont let your life pass you by'.
But you cant hear, youre almost lifeless.

If you say he completes you,
Why do you have these doubts?
If you dont leave him soon,
there will be no way out.
If you say he completes you,
Why do you feel this way?
If you dont leave him soon,
There will be no escape.

No escape,
He'll play his games,
No escape.

Like it?! or not...

I am going to get it recorded, i have 2 options, possibly 3 so far.

I want to take voice lessons so bad. My one goal for this year is to get good enought to make senior choir next year. Ill do it. I really will.


Friday, April 10, 2009

im so freaking confused

i hate my life. i dont know if i really like him. he cant stop thinking about me. i cant stop thinking about him, but for different reasons. we need to talk it out, but i dont know if i want to. i was so happy, but now i just dont know. i dont think im ready for this. i dont want to have to lie. but hes so sweet. i just dont know. this is worse than joe. and i thought that was bad. i mean, i was happy before him. but am i still happy? or am i worse? im too stressed. im worried about alot of things, and i dont know what to do. this is what ive wanted forever. but im not sure if hes the right one. this sucks.
now im dreading the meet next wednesday. but i love track and i want to do well. But how can i??? my head is about to explode. i want to go run and clear my brain and think, but its raining. at least if i go it will disguise my tears. im scared. i dont want him, but in so many ways, i do. i dont know if im ready.
Is this what i want? or should i wait? Laura and Zach are so happy together, and i want it to be like that for me. They can trust each other with everything. thats what i want. But i dont know if thats what will happen. should i? or shouldnt i? i dont think im ready for this. ill never see him. i dont want to have to go behind anyones back to do this.
im not like that.
this isnt me.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Award time!

i've been tagged by Roxy who also gave me the award below. :)

The rules of this blogging award are to:
1. Link the blog who gave you this award.
2. Give the award to seven other bloggers and link them.
3. Tell them that you have given them an award.

So, I am giving this blog award to .....

1. Neon Duck

2. B2the3

3. Karl

4. Liv

5. another.ellie

6. dark_athene

7. HappyCload make your own blog soon!!!!

now, time for the 4x4 tag.
Places I go over and over...
1. school.
3. facebook
4. my room... or my cave as my little sister calls it. ill go in there, do homework, read, listento music and only come out for meals
People who e-mail me regularly:
1. Kelsey
2. Abby
3. Liz (ma cousine)
4. jenna
Favorite Smells:

1. cookies in the oven
2. campfires
3. herbal essences shampoo
4. lillies
Places I Would Rather Be:
1. california.
2. hawaii/ fiji
3. colorado
4. in summer at the pool hangin with my peeps
TV Shows I Watch:
1. Drake and josh
2. suite life on deck

3. jon and kate + eight
4. that 70's show
The Fourth Picture From My Folder
Cant do this cuz my internets broken and i am on my dads laptop.... so none of my amazing pictures are on here.

Happy saturday to everyone, while im at it!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mood: .....

ok, sorry that other post totally just got messed up.... ooops.

Mood: I hate science.

Ok, so like, our science class is doing this HUUUUUUGE project... we can pick our own topics but theyve got to be like, really good and stuff.... im thinking about doing an experiment that shows what affects relative pitch. Relative pictch is like, when you can hear the difference in notes and stuff. Im thinking that maybe gender affects it because in my choir class all of us girls are really good, and the guys SUCK SOOOOOOO BAD. And i was wondering if age, ethnicity, and musical background affect it. So im like, supposed to be reasearching it, but i dont feel like it. Im at school by the way.

You know what song i have stuck in my head??? Carry on my wayward son. stupid geometry teachers.

You know what, like, bugs the crap out of me??? Facebook is blocked on the school computers. drats.

you know what i just figured out??? o wait, never mind. blech.

Ok, in other important news, i think im finally starting to like someone. Last year, i was like, totally in love with Kendal, for almost the entire year, and i got over him then havent liked anyone since. But now im starting to like this guy named Nate whose in my gym class. hes pretty cute, and really strong, and nice, and funny, and has an awesome smile. but he wasnt here today, and i looked good too. ]: but it was so embarrassing because i was at lunch the other day, and he was a couple tables over, and he kept looking at me, and like the clutz i am, i totally spilled my lemonade all over myself. it was horrible. i just about died.

but i really should start working now, so im going to say buh byyyye.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mood: bored and anti-social

I'm listening to the RadioU Team Awesome Christmas Eve Eve Show. So that's a bad sign.

Kidding!! well i am listening but its freaking hilarious and George is shveet. i love his accent! (He's from the UK!!!!!!!!!)

But i am sooooooooooooooo sick of people. Gabby and Laney form my gymnastics team (they're sisters) are ALWAYS arguing, my bro and sis are being frickin irritating, and idk, im just waaaay more of a "by myself" person than i used to be. I think an ambulance just drove by my house. Sorry, that was random.

Oh, and today i was at my grandparents house and my grampa gave me this spiel about how textbooks lie and there's all these conspiratorists who are trying to take God completely out of everything which i know, (i mean why the heck are they teaching us that we evolved from like, monkeys and mud and stuff? Even God is a better explanation than that. ) and then was talking about how God blessed America and now we're basically wasting all of it. And, im glad he cares but still, .... and he's giving me his follow up speech later. Joy.

We had a rehersal for the Christmas Eve skit yesterday. Shackle is the Director. I'm Mary, and this cute little kid named Benjamin is Thoedore who is an angle that finds the best halleluya sound, and we have Rosie as our narrator. Its really cute. And i get to wear an awesome blue hodded robe thing and hold a baby wrapped in a tablecloth. It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, Shackle was my 7th grade L.A. teacher so i thought it would be akward. Shackle was reeeeeeeeeeallly loud, like always.

But i still need to do some Christmas shopping, for Laura (U) and my sister. ugh. i've only got 5 bucks too! and my parents said im not getting that awesome purple new video nano that i wanted. =[
so now i have to save up my own money and buy it off eBay. like i did with my current iPod. Its the old normal nano, in green.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah (sp?) watevs. i think im gonna go sleep.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday cheer

just watch. I know the beginnings a bit boring, but watch.

yeah. fave band evrr.